Cheese POP & PGI


The 20 PDO Greek cheeses share certain common standards. They are made with the traditional technology from milk of breeds of goats, sheep or/and cows, which are bred in a defined geographical area, have fully adapted to the environment and their diet is based on the flora of the region. These breeds are fully adapted to local conditions of the Greek pastures and native vegetation as well.

The local breeds are characterized by low milk production but also by the rich chemical composition and excellent organoleptic properties of their milk.

The making and ripening of cheeses take place at facilities within the defined geographical area. In the making of cheeses the concentration, the addition of powder or condensed milk, milk proteins, caseinate salts, colorants, preservatives and antibiotics is prohibited.

The PDO products are submitted to a monitoring system in order to protect the producers from imitation products and at the same time the consumers from misleading information on foodstuffs.

The checks are aimed to ensure the compliance with standards and proper use of labeling. The production, import, export, distribution and marketing of PDO cheese is prohibited, if the requirements of productions are not met.